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Yellow Brick Road

If you have ever seen the Wizard of OZ, you know the story of Dorothy and her way to OZ. In a short summary my way to OZ was too meeting different characters and trying to figure things out. I was always stuck between what I wanted in life and where I wanted to go in life and both seemed not far from each other but very hard to find. From bouncing around with school activities, to hanging out with friends, watching hockey games, and not really giving a solid thought about my future, my life was up in the air. Around the end of high school everything was hitting me fast. Most of my graduating class was already getting accepted to schools and planning their educations.
For me, the route to go with a career in hockey and in real estate held my interest. I used to make phone calls to San Jose, Laguna, Clearwater, and other coastal neighborhoods just to reach out to local real estate agents in the area asking for advice on selling spreads. Every contact helped out but I gave up on that dre…

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